Mailing Services

We maximize your valuable resources with our state-of-the-art lettershop and mailing equipment, such as inkjetters, multi-station inserters, bursters, folders, and high speed continuous-form and cut-sheet laser printing and personalization.

Our in-house lettershop services allow us to efficiently and cost-effectively manage both large and small lettershop projects to support your campaign. Our lettershop services include a substantial hand assembly department allowing prompt handling of your non-machineable mail and specialty packages with ease. Our certified postal software guarantees that the maximum postage discounts are applied to your direct marketing programs, while our data services utilize cleansing software which allows you to minimize the incidence of non-deliverable mail.

Whether cut-sheet or continuous-form laser printing, personalized matched mailings, spot gluing, Addressed Admail sorting, Publications mailings and Unaddressed Admail bundling and documentation, we have the direct marketing support services and in-house services to efficiently process all of your mailing needs. With a comprehensive array of services such as personalized Letter Carrier Presort sortation and expert advice on the cost-efficient handling of mailings, we’re confident that we can meet and surpass all of your lettershop requirements.

As a direct marketing specialist, Tilwood maintains all Canada Post requirements and is recognized and authorized as a Registered Partner. Please visit the Canada Post website to learn more about the services.



Tilwood Mailing Services

Tilwood also offers Mailing Services for the customers and it is commonly known as Tilwood Mailing Services. Tilwood Mailing Services is an international service around the globe. Tilwood enures that Tilwood Mailing Services will be fits by the customer’s needs. Tilwood Mailing Services has an advantage for the customer service. The following the Tilwood Mailing Services advantages.

  • Tilwood Mailing Services can be monitored by the sender customer.
  • Tilwood Mailing Services is reliable to the customer
  • Tilwood Mailing Services is fast in service
  • Tilwood Mailing Services is transparent to the valuable customer
  • Tilwood Mailing Services is serve international
  • Tilwood Mailing Services is safe and secure

Tilwood Mailing Services in global service

in mailing service, it must be global service, Tilwood Mailing Services is a global service that the customer will be mailing globally. Tilwood named it “Tilwood Mailing Services” because they want the service to be unique for their own. from the name “Tilwood Mailing Services”, it serves transparently to fits the needs of the customer. there are so many reason why Tilwood Mailing Services in global, for example Tilwood Mailing Services wants to fits the customer’s needs and requests. Below is the reason to use Tilwood Mailing Services globally.

  • customer want to send mail to another customer from different places, so Tilwood Mailing Services implement it
  • Tilwood Mailing Services is customer-friendly
  • Tilwood Mailing Services is easy to access
  • Tilwood Mailing Services is faster compares to other