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Canada Post – Direct Marketing – Coming Soon – New – Machineable Mini-catalogue

Canada Post will be introducing a new acquisition and retention tool, ideal for e-commerce companies,called the Addressed Admail Mini-catalogue.

At only $0.45 per piece (up to 50 g), the Mini-catalogue is a cost-effective way to drive online and in-store sales and cut your mail and production costs without sacrificing circulation or frequency.

Mini-catalogues may be designed as self-mailers or inserted into envelopes.

Addressed Admail’s Machineable Mini-catalogue is defined as:

  • Printed matter with a list of items for sale containing item description, item numbers and/or prices.
  • A Mini-catalogue must contain a minimum of 8 pages or panels (some of which may be coupons or special offers) and meet Machineable Standard Addressed Admail service requirements.

Customers will need to select Standard Mini-catalogue in EST when creating their Addressed Admail Order and these mail items will be accepted at any locations that currently accept Standard Machineable Addressed Admail.

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