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Changes to Oversize and Dimensional Addressed Admail specifications

To further simplify the Addressed Admail service offer,  eliminate overlap between Addressed Admail Oversize and Dimensional categories and improve mail deliverability Canada Post made the following changes to the Oversize and Dimensional Addressed Admail (Note these changes went in effect on January 12 2015).


New Oversize Category Specifications

The maximum size for all Oversize items is increased to 35 mm.  This allows samples that are up to 35 mm thick into the Oversize category.


The maximum size for all Oversize items that are flexible remains at 380 mm X 270 mm X 35 mm.

NEW The maximum size for Oversize items that are rigid has been changed to 300 mm x 130 mm x 35 mm.  Rigid items are box-like items that cannot be bent. Flexible items are items that can be bent when the item is depositing into a delivery receptacle such as CMB (note an average CMB compartment measures 136X136 mm)



Before Jan 12’15   Max. Size (mm)

As of Jan 12 ’15 Weights and Sizes


LCP O/SUp to 500 g 380 x 270 x 20 OversizeFlexible Maximum380 x 270 x 35Up to 1.36 kg
LCP O/SOver 500 g up to 1.36 kg 380 x 270 x 35
OversizeRigid Maximum300 x 130 x 35Up to 1.36 kg



New Dimensional Category Specifications

The current overlap between Oversize and Dimensional is eliminated by introducing a new minimum thickness of 35 mm for Dimensional Addressed Admail items.


To reduce complexity, the Small and Large Dimensional categories are amalgamated into one new Dimensional category.


In order to ensure Dimensional items fit in most mail compartments (community mail boxes, etc.) the new Dimensional sizes reflect a reduced minimum height from 150 mm to 130 mm and an increased thickness from 45 mm to 55 mm.  The new maximum weight is increased from 500 g to 1.36 kg to align to the Oversize category.


The new minimum and maximum Dimensional sizes are:

–      minimum: 100 mm X 70 mm X 35 mm
– maximum: 300 mm X 130 mm X 55 mm x 1.36 kg


Category prior to 2015

Prior to 2015  Max. Size (mm)

New Weights and Sizes


Dimensional SmallUp to 500 g 180 x 130 x 45 Dimensional Minimum100 x 70 x 35 Maximum300 x 130 x 55Up to 1.36 kg
Dimensional LargeUp to 500 g 300 x 150 x 45


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